Judd M. Harris & Associates, P.C. has filed several thousand Petitions for Tax Deed, in addition to related cases. Tax sale cases are as specialized and nuanced as any area of law imaginable. Additionally, Mr. Harris regularly conducts seminars for private investors, as well as Bar groups, offering his knowledge gleaned from 30 years in the Tax Sale industry, to help new investors avoid the costly pitfalls and find the profitable plays in this highly competitive area of real estate investment.


Petitions for Tax Deed require Strict Compliance under the applicable statutes and the case law interpretations. The smallest, seemingly insignificant error in substance or procedure will cause a denial of a Tax Deed, at great expense. In Illinois, only one in a thousand attorneys is qualified to do these cases. It is a serious mistake to proceed without an attorney, or with an attorney that does not concentrate in this highly specialized area.

Judd M. Harris & Associates has the experience to represent your interest and investment:

  • Petitions for Tax Deed
  • Tax Certificate investment counsel and portfolio management
  • Sales in Error
  • Indemnity Fund Petitions
  • Objections to the Issuance of a Tax Deed
  • Motions to Vacate Tax Deeds

The law requires strict compliance with numerous and highly obscure rules. We will see that your investment is wise; and thereafter, that it is protected from opposition, title defects, and adverse judicial rulings and loss of profit, interest and opportunity.

Call now to set up a consultation, well in advance of putting your investment dollars on the line.